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Fight Club Outdoors, Jay Daly, takes many precautionary measures to ensure safety on the water. Customers must understand that there are many uncontrolled, inherent risks surrounding water activities and fishing. Those risks include, but are not limited to: slipping and falling, loss of balance, drowning, boat collisions, cuts from knives and fishing tackle, dehydration, and exposure to the elements.

Life jackets/Personal Floatation Devices-PFD’S

United States Coast Guard approved PFD’s are supplied to all passengers under the care, custody, and control of Fight Club Outdoors. PFD’S are required to be worn on all my trips for all clients. ALL children under the age of 14 must wear a life jacket at all times on docks, on boats, or near the Waters edge.


All customers must receive a safety brief prior to embarkation to familiarize all passengers with water safety, life jacket use and locations, throwable life ring location, first aid kit locations, emergency location safety equipment, and fire extinguisher locations. It is the responsibility of the Customer to pay attention to the safety brief and ask any questions they may have to ensure their personal safety. While on the water, Customers are encouraged to remain seated at all times except while conducting fishing activities. Anytime the vessel is underway, on plane, or traveling in excess of 5 miles per hour, all Customers must remain seated. Please keep hands and feet inside the boat near docks.


All Customers in the care, custody, and control of Fight Club Outdoors must abide by state laws regarding the possession and use of alcohol and drugs. All federally controlled water and lands DO NOT allow possession of or use of recreational marijuana and Customers are required to strictly adhere to the laws governing these areas. Customers are expected to maintain a state of sobriety that allows them to care for themselves or others in the event of an emergency. Obnoxious, rude, disruptive, or loud behavior will not be tolerated.


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